11 - 12
November 2023

Just Transition Forum

An ideas factory for understanding how to take action, placing the next generations at the centre, planning and thinking for the next 50 years. 



On Nov. 11 and 12 in Bologna, Alliance for Just Transitions Italy is organizing the "Forum for Just Transitions," an idea factory, a platform for imagining, connecting and supporting in a concrete and long-term way administrators, officials, businesswomen, researchers, activists from all over the country.

The Alliance intends to serve as a useful platform to promote the exchange of experiences, materials and tools and be in support of those on the front lines of building a just, inclusive and sustainable transition in the face of the radical challenges de of our times: labor, housing, education, mobility, health, rights, digital and ecological transition.

The Forum will consist of 3 public seminars and an invitation-only assembly for 100 people among those who administer, take action, do entrepreneurship and research to outline an alternative future around 5 transitions. The event will be an opportunity to give body and voice to the Alliance's communities and projects and focus on its main areas of action, promoting the collection of needs and prompts. 

14:00 - 14:15
Institutional Greetings
Keynote speaker - Erika Capasso, President of the Urban Innovation Foundation and delegate for Civic Imagination of the Municipality of...
14:15 - 14:30
Project initiation and presentation
The Alliance intends to serve as a useful platform to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences, materials and tools and...
14:30 - 16:15
New activisms to support just transitions
Explores links between new activisms and transitions, with direct experience and analysis of organizational forms, modes of mobilization, and attitudes...
16:15 - 18:00
Communication between accessibility and polarization
Examines the impact of communication on Right Transitions, bringing more accessible perspectives. Deepens the link between language and growing polarization...
18:00 - 19:30
Impacts on the future
Poses as central the employment impact of ecological and digital transitions and in response to economic and social crises. Beginning...

10:30 - 11:30
Assembly for Just Transitions - Introduction
Speakers will include Matteo Lepore, Mayor of the City of Bologna; Carlo Feltrinelli, President of Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli; and Walter...
11:30 - 17:00
From experiments to policies, for an alternative future
Starting working tables around 5 transitions. The working tables will cover these themes: Urban Transition: the new urban visions, people-friendly...
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