Help Desk

Are you an administrator or administrator? Do you do activism, enterprise, or research? Would you like to understand good reference practices, get in touch with those who have already experimented with projects in line with your goals, and access materials such as regulations, resolutions, projects?

The Alliance for Just Transitions helps you get in touch with those who can be useful to you, including local administrators, citizens, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and researchers: we will facilitate exchanges and comparisons, starting with existing good practices at the local level, harnessing the collective intelligence of those who are already part of the Alliance.

Our goal is to go to the roots of the great global phenomena, and of the transitions we face, ecological, digital and social: the Alliance for Just Transitions is a community united in concrete and daily action, reserved for those who are in touch with citizens in solving problems and finding solutions, in small and large municipalities, north and south of the country.


To ask for support, you must join the Alliance: fill out the form, get in touch with the Alliance's organizational secretariat.