Alliance for Just Transitions Italy is born.

Municipality of Bologna, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, ARCI Nazionale, Urban Innovation Foundation formed the Alliance for Just Transitions.


Imagining concrete answers for the challenges of the future, influencing decisions, fostering exchanges of practices and public policies, connecting the many active realities from the north and south of the country, in small and large municipalities, metropolitan areas and inland areas, promoting meetings, training and learning initiatives. These are the ambitious goals that led the Municipality of Bologna, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, ARCI Nazionale, with the collaboration of our Foundation to give birth to the Alliance for Just Transitions.  

A true national civic network, which, starting from local contexts, intends to support and connect those who are in the front line in conceiving and implementing innovative projects and policies, which aim to pursue just transitions and new models of development, inclusive and sustainable, on the issues of work, housing, education, mobility, health, rights, digital and ecological transition.

The project was created to provide responses to the disruptive socio-economic effects and proving challenges that the pandemic crisis and climate crisis have presented and will continue to present with a speed that eludes the responsiveness of traditional administrative schemes. 

Within this scenario, the promoters of the Alliance for Righteous Transitions have devised a manifesto of common values and goals, which can be signed and shared by small and large municipalities, companies, associations, nonprofits, activists and activists, who will thus be able to join the Alliance for Righteous Transitions and easily share good practices, which will go on to create a collective collection. Not only that, on the dedicated website unveiled today at the press conference-accessible at the coming weeks it will be possible to access an innovative help desk that will be responsible for connecting local administrators, committed citizens, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and researchers. The goal is to increase exchanges and support community building by facilitating the exchange of materials, regulations, resolutions, projects to direct programs and funding towards the most useful and concrete actions starting from good practices and learnings.

A first action to strengthen the Alliance will be the Forum of Just Transitions to be held next November 11 and 12 in Bologna, in the spaces of Salaborsa: two days of meetings, debates, an idea factory with the aim of sharing the planning directions of the Alliance with a three-year horizon, focusing on the next generations, planning and thinking about the next 50 years.

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